Green Card

Green Card akademia


License to Play (green card)

The Green Card is an internacionally recognized certificate, warranting the acess to individual game on golf courses, which can be obtained by taking the so-called green card course. The course consist of theoretical and practical part, 12 one-hour lessons in total. During the course, participants will learn basic aspects of the game, as well as rules and golf etics. The course ends with final test, which consist of theoretical and practical part as well. The learning takes place under the supervision of certified golf coach in golf resort GC Pegas in Lozorno. Golf balls, as well as golf equipment rental are included in the price of the golf course.

Green Card (10x50min)

1 person 400 EUR
2 persons 280 EUR (per person)
3 – 4 persons 230 EUR (per person)

The Green Card Exams 80 EUR (per person)