Golf Club Pegas was established at the end of the year 1998. The establishing memebers were JUDr. Gerta Flassiková, JUDr. Pavel Hagyari and Ing. Michal Oravec. Despite the fact, that the seat of the club is situated on Štúrova street (Štúrova ulica), the sporting activities were - practically since the beginning- developed on driving range (DR) in Lozorno. As the years went by, the size of the golf course expanded from the original 3 to the current 9 holes, on which the HCP tournaments are played since the end of the year 2009. In the year 2011 a new clubhouse was opened, which gradualy became the centre of the life in the club.

The Champions of the golf club Pegas

Since the year 2000 the club championship is organized anualy, played on 18-holes championship style golf courses.

Men Women
2000 Rado Šíp Renáta Petrášová
2001 Lukáš Valuch Renáta Petrášová
2002 Lukáš Valuch Renáta Petrášová
2003 Peter Kajan Renáta Petrášová
2004 Jakub Petráš Lujza Bubánová
2005 Jakub Petráš Lujza Bubánová
2006 Peter Griač Andrea Struhárová
2007 Michal Cabadaj Lujza Bubánová
2008 Dušan Havlík Veronika Falathová
2009 Lukáš Valuch Lujza Bubánová
2010 Lukáš Valuch Lujza Bubánová
2011 Lukáš Valuch Simona Bubánová
2012 Lukáš Valuch Andrea Struhárová
2013 Šimon Nagy Andrea Struhárová
2014 Šimon Nagy Petra Petrášová
2015 Jakub Masár Naďa Netriová
2016 Lukáš Ružek Alexandra Maliková
2017 Samuel Šitina Alexandra Maliková
2018 Lukáš Ružek Alexandra Maliková
2019 Lukáš Ružek Alexandra Maliková
2020 Igor Taraba Alexandra Maliková


Hole in One

Hole n.7 Vladimír Belica
Hole n.5 Ľubomír Miščík
Hole n.5 Fritz Zűrcher
Hole n.3 Lucia Blažíčková
Hole n.6 Lucia Blažíčková
Hole n.6 Balázs Albert
Hole n.5 Patrik Babka

History of the construction of the golf course